Garden waste collection service

The service

The council offers an opt-in garden waste collection service for residents who want one.

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Changes to garden waste collection rounds

Your garden waste bin may be emptied on a different day of the week to your black rubbish and blue-lid recycling bins. We will tell you your new garden waste bin day when you renew your subscription, or when we send you your bin sticker. Check your next bin day.

How the service works

The service costs £40 per bin for the year, running from April to March apart from a short break at Christmas and New Year. Subscriptions taken now will be for the April 2018 to March 2019 subscription period. You can opt-in at any time, but there are no discounts for part-year subscriptions.

You can pay by credit or debit card at any time of the day, using our secure website. Once you have signed up, allow up to two weeks for us to send your bin sticker and arrange to empty your bin.

When you opt-in you will receive a bin sticker, which you will need to stick to the body of your bin at the rear, below the handle. This sticker will be unique to you, and will match our records. We only empty green garden waste bins that display a sticker.


If you don't want to sign-up to the service you could:

We will not empty black bins that contain garden waste.

You may keep your green bin even if you do not want to take part in the garden waste collection service, but it will remain our property and must not be used with any other waste collection service.

If we have agreed to collect your green bin because you are sure that you will not want to sign up to the garden waste collection service in future, it MUST be empty when we come to collect it.

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