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Councillor Tony Gillias

Revel and Binley Woods
Old Police House 28 Coventry Road Pailton Rugby CV23 0QB
01788 832698

Councillor Gillias' term of office expires May 2028. He is the Chairman of the Planning Committee.

He is also Rugby Borough Council's Parish Champion under the Local Councils' Charter.

 He was Mayor of Rugby in 2013/14.


Tony has lived in Pailton all his life. He attended Brockhurst (The Revel) School and Harris School before starting an electrical apprenticeship in 1970. He became self employed in 1974. Tony was a semi-professional speedway rider for Scunthorpe Saints and Coventry Bees from 1974-77.

As well as being a parish councillor since 1988 and a school governor since 1989, Tony has served on a number of local committees. From an early age he was involved in church bell ringing and is now Tower Captain of St. Edith's Church at Monks Kirby.

Tony is currently working on behalf of the Fosse community to improve standards in rural life. He is attempting to bring rural matters on to the agenda, including policing, anti-social behaviour and basic services such as road sweeping, grass cutting and litter. 

Surgery Details:

Please phone or e-mail Tony to make arrangements. 

Alternative contact details:

Mobile: 07774154381