Planning a temporary road closure

If you are planning to apply for a temporary road closure we provide some guidance notes and an application form to complete.

Before you apply, you need to think about why you want a road closure.

What to check before you apply

Why are you closing the road?

A road will only be closed if there is no other feasible alternative method of undertaking the event.

Who will be affected?

Think about who might be affected by closing the road. How will you mange any emergency vehicles that need access?

Which road are you proposing to close?

The applicant must submit a plan with the application form, showing the length of road to be closed (indicated in red), and the proposed diversion route (indicated in green). This plan must be clear and indicate any road numbers.

Coordination checks

Is anybody else planning to close the road or have a major event on this day?

Planning a diversion route

The applicant should propose a diversion route whilst the road is closed for the event, taking into consideration heavy goods vehicles and buses.

On narrow rural roads consideration may need to be given to providing a separate diversion route for each direction.

It may also be necessary to have a separate diversion for HGV’s and cars, because of the nature of the roads in the area.

Are there any Traffic Regulation Orders that need to be suspended?

One way streets and obligatory or prohibited movement of traffic can affect the proposed diversion route. They should also be identified on the map submitted with the application.

Consult with others

It is your responsibility to discuss the effects of a road closure with local businesses, schools, community facilities, bus companies, parish councils and residents who may be affected prior to making an application in order to avoid, or cater for, other planned events.

Any issues these discussions may raise must be identified on the application form and should be dealt with reasonably by the applicant. It is essential that this is undertaken at the preliminary stages of the application.

Applying for a temporary road closure

Complete the application form and send it to us. Depending on the nature of the road and the event it will either be closed by way of official letter or road closure notice under the Police and Clauses Act 1847.

Download the application form and guidance notes