Your bin must be put out for emptying no later than 7.30am. We complete our rounds by 3:30pm*.

*Please do not report a missed bin collection until after 3.30pm on your collection day.

Bins must be placed at the back of the footpath outside your home. We do not collect rubbish left next to bins. 

Any missed bins must be reported within two days of the day that collection was due, excluding weekends. For example, if your collection was due on a Thursday and your bin was missed, you must report it to us by the following Monday.

In the event of severe weather or other disruption affecting our service we will publish updates on our service page. We will not return to empty bins that have frozen solid or frozen shut - you should make sure the bin can open and the contents are loose on the morning of collection.

Where we have missed your bin by mistake we aim to return within three working days.

Please leave your bin out for collection until we have returned to empty your bin.

We will only empty green garden waste bins if you have opted-in to the service and paid.