Lifeline, our personal alarm scheme, offers peace of mind at a touch of a button.

Lifeline links your home to the council's 24-hour control centre. You can raise the alarm by either pressing a button on your Lifeline unit or pressing your light-weight Lifeline trigger, which can be worn around your neck or wrist, or attached to clothing.

When you contact Lifeline you'll speak to one of our control centre operators, who can get in touch with one of your registered contacts, call for help or arrange for an immediate visit to your home.

RBC People 200

Lifeline's perfect for residents who:

  • live alone and want to feel more secure
  • have health issues
  • have a disability

Want to find out more?

Lifeline offers a quick and simple way to call for help in an emergency.

Call (01788) 579706 or complete our online Lifeline enquiry form.