Report fly-tipping

We remove fly-tipped items from council-owned land as soon as we can. We can also quote for removal from private land (contact the Contact Centre).

You can help us by reporting fly-tipping incidents.

What we need to know

  • the exact location
  • a description of what's been fly-tipped
  • roughly how much waste has been dumped

Help us catch the culprits

We investigate all incidents of fly-tipping with a view to prosecuting those responsible.

You can help us in the fight against fly-tipping by:

  • not disturbing the waste and potentially destroying evidence
  • giving us a description of the individuals responsible
  • giving us details of the vehicle involved - manufacturer, colour, registration
  • giving us the day, date and time the incident took place
  • Take photos where it is safe to do so



#CrimeNotToCare - make sure you dispose of household waste legally

Your Rubbish, Your Responsibility

If you need to dispose of household waste, it's important to know you have responsibility for making sure it's disposed of legally.

Whether you hire a company or a 'man with a van' to take away your waste, you must make sure the business which collects your rubbish has the correct Waste Carrier Licence and can supply you with a copy of a waste transfer note.

It's quick and easy to find out whether a business has a Waste Carrier Licence. You can check the Environment Agency's online register or call 0370 8506 506.

If your rubbish gets fly-tipped and you cannot prove you took the necessary steps before paying for its disposal, you're responsible.

You could face a fixed penalty notice of up to £400 or be taken to court.

We can collect bulky household items such as fridges and mattresses.

Find out more about our bulky waste collection service