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Parks and open spaces - Newton Lane Picnic Site

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Newton Lane, Newton, Rugby

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-Picnic site
-Historic location
-Northern entrance to Great Central walk


This site is a great place to stop for a picnic, and there are many places of interest to be found right next to it. It is situated just outside the little village of Newton and on the line of the old Great Central Way. The Roman town of Tripontium can also be found just to the North.

Newton village has a population of just over 400 and is situated about four miles northeast of Rugby. The 18th century publisher Edward Cave was born in Newton in 1691. He conceived the idea of a periodical and launched The Gentleman's Magazine, the first 'general interest' magazine. It was extremely influential and made Cave very wealthy.

North of Newton on the Roman Road known as Watling Street (now the A5) are the remains of the Roman town of Tripontium, abandoned since the late 4th century AD. It was established in about the year 50 AD as a military frontier post when the Romans first came to Britain. The exact location of Tripontium was discovered by Matthew Bloxam in 1836. The Rugby Archaeological Society started excavating there in 1961 and is still doing so today.

Newton Picnic Site is also right next to the line of the Great Central Way. Paths lead down from the picnic site to the Great Central Walk which runs away to both the North and South along the line of the old railway. It can be used for walking or cycling and a great deal of wildlife can be seen in the diverse mix of habitats along the pathway including several species of rare butterflies.


Access to the picnic area is level, and access to the walk is via a terraced ramp. Surface is mostly gravel.

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