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Important information concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we currently have the following restrictions in place at funeral services at Rainsbrook Crematorium:

  • maximum of 30 mourners in the Avon Room, seated in pairs dependent on both mourners belonging to the same household. If mourners cannot be seated in pairs, the maximum of number of mourners must be reduced to 16 to ensure social distancing
  • maximum of eight mourners in the Drayton Room
  • we strongly advise younger children do not attend services
  • no additional mourners can stand outside the chapels or elsewhere in the crematorium grounds
  • and eight mourners in the Drayton Room (we strongly advise younger children do not attend) 
  • no open coffins permitted
  • no witness viewing of the charge of the coffin into the cremator
  • no shouldering of coffins and no family bearers permitted
  • no bearer service at the crematorium
  • family members should not touch coffins
  • curtains should be closed at the crematorium
  • only funeral directors can collect cremated remains by appointment

Please note, we're currently offering webcasts of funeral services in the Avon Chapel at the reduced cost of £35.

Call or email the bereavement services team to arrange.

Failure to comply with all of the above restrictions will result in services being subject to further restrictions or cancelled without notice.

We understand the impact of imposing these restrictions, but stress the safety and welfare of both our visitors and staff remain our priority.

All restrictions have been introduced in accordance with advice issued by the Government and the National Association of Funeral Directors.