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Fees and charges

Cremation Fees

Please note - prices inclusive of organist fee, scattering fee and Environmental Levy

Child - up to and including 17 years of age: no charge

Adult - service (9am to 4.30pm): £860

Adult - no service (from 8.15am): £550

Cremation of body parts: (free of charge if cremation took place at Rainsbrook) £200

Weekend Surcharge

Saturday (10am to 12 noon, strict rotation): £640
Saturday scattering of cremated remains (AM only): £75
Saturday interment of cremated remains (AM only): £150

Cremation Sundry Fees and Charges

Scattering of ashes when cremation has taken place elsewhere: £50

Supply of casket (with name plate): from £60

Forwarding cremated remains by post (inland): price on application

Audio recording of services: £65

DVD recording of service: £65

Webcast: £75

Slideshow/Visual Tribute: view separate price list

Use of Rainsbrook Ceremony Room only (no cremation): £300

Bearer's fee (advance booking only): £50

Memorial flowers: £40 (medium) or £60 (large)

Late arrival/overrun per 15 minutes: £300


Book of Remembrance

Two line entry: £75

Five line entry: £125

Five line entry with emblem: £175

Eight line entry: £195

Eight line entry with emblem: £225

Memorial card with replica inscription: as above

Miniature book (suede) with replica inscription: as above

Granite Memorial Package 

£2275 (subject to terms and conditions - view memorial agreement)


  • the Exclusive Right of Burial for a period of 50 years
  • space for two caskets of ashes
  • the burial fee for the first casket
  • the granite memorial tablet
  • a standard design, if required (eg book) 
  • all characters for the initial inscription
  • up to two flower containers

Further options:

  • non-standard, bespoke design - £75
  • bronze ornamentation (small) - £50
  • bronze ornamentation (large corner rose) - £60
  • ceramic picture (no frame) - £100
  • ceramic picture (stainless steel/bronze frame) - £150
  • reservation fee (annual charge for space only) - £100

Memorial Plaques 

(subject to terms and conditions - view memorial agreement)

Armed Forces memorial (permanent): £250

Barbican memorial (five year lease): £375

Barbican memorial (ten year lease): £500

Natural boulder memorial (ten year lease): £650

Memorial bench (five year lease): £250

Memorial tree (ten year lease): £450

Tree of Life (leaf or butterfly, ten year lease): £450

Memorial kerb (five year lease): £250

Memorial jewellery, keepsakes, urns and caskets

Paperweight: prices from £195

Range of memorial jewellery: prices from £195

A range of urns and caskets are also available for purchase