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Summer Relaxed Sessions

Relaxed Sessions

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Wednesday 28 July 4-5pm

Roman craft Archaeology Gallery closed to the public

Saturday 7 August 10-11am 

Craft & play - Art Gallery & Museum closed to the public

Wednesday 11 August 4-5pm

Craft & play - Art gallery closed to the public

Saturday 21 August 10-11am  

Roman Craft - Archaeology Gallery closed to the public


The gallery is an inspiring place for children to visit. 

However, we understand that public outings with children with needs can often be challenging. We therefore offer a dedicated timeslot where children can explore in their own time without the usual day to day distractions. A dedicated facilitated workshop will be available.

Using the ‘Kids in Museums - Autism Guidelines’ and meeting with the Rugby Autism Network, we have implemented some suggestions from this partnership. We have lots of activities in the gallery. We will run a craft activity for you and provide put sensory boxes for you to explore. This is open to all ages, children must be accompanied by an adult..

Pre-booking, required however please do call or check online on the day as we understand you may not be able to book in advance. 

The gallery space will be closed to the public and only families with additional needs/autism will be gained entry. We will turn off any audio in the gallery and switch off any video that may be too distracting. There will be a ‘break out space’ if anyone needs a quiet room at any stage.