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Rugby Open 2020

Open 2020


Rugby Open 2020

The Rugby Open Exhibition brings together a range of high quality contemporary art from emerging and established artists in the region. All of the work in the Rugby Open 20 is for sale, which means that the exhibition is an excellent opportunity to invest in high quality art at affordable prices. 

If you see an artwork that you love, many of the Rugby Open 2020 are for sale. Visit our online shop and search for Arts.



People's Choice Award

Many thanks to everyone that voted! 

1698 people voted and we are delighted to announce that the winner with 379 votes is Harry Barker – Cenataur. Harry will receive a prize of £100.


Rugby Open

Harry Barker, Centaur, 2020

Harry Barker is a Neoclassical painter drawing inspiration from art of the Renaissance whilst seamlessly adding a contemporary twist. To this end his paintings run closely with the ideology of human form and beauty from the 16th century. Barker is currently studying a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and Drawing at the University Northampton.

Centaur is a hybridised form of three statuesque elements the most recognisable being the human form taken from Auguste Rodin’s The Age of Bronze, 1875 which is collaged onto the body and legs of two horse sculptures creating a very recognisable form within mythology, the centaur.  Using a photorealistic painting technique, Trompe-l'œil, is used to create an optical illusion making the painting of a centaur appear as if it exists on the three-dimensional plane.


Runners Up

Olivia danhay jones

Olivia Danhay-Jones  

Rugby Open

Chantelle May Boyle 

Olivia Danhay-Jones, Dispelling Misconceptions, 2020, Charcoal              

This piece explores the idea of beauty and how abnormal appearances can still look beautiful.

Not for sale

Chantelle May Boyle 

Benji, 2020, Stuffed Toy, Stuffing, Wood, Plastic, Wire

Benji relates to the society we are in today; he relates to the world we live in and the planet we are on. He underpins who we have become and what we as the human race are doing to animals and our planet. We have this need to take what is ours and change and manipulate something so beautiful into something of horror and disgust. We manipulate and destroy the relationship we have with nature and that connection we have to things that we love, like Benji, a stuffed toy that we all had as children.

Sale Price: £50  

See the Exhibition

Due to Coronavirus restrictions the Gallery is currently closed however you can view the Rugby Open exhibition below in our 360 degree tour or have a look around our gallery in this Video Tour. Each artwork can also be viewed below by visiting our Online Guide showcasing all of the artists work.  Video submissions can be viewed here

Watch the whole video here including the moment the winners hear the news.


We would like to thank the following businesses for sponsorsoring the Rugby Open 2020 

  • Draycote Hotel
  • Coombe Abbey Hotel
  • Lund Humphries
  • Warner’s Distillery
  • Martin Valentine
  • The Art Society Rugby 
  • Bridget Aldridge 
  • Rugby Borough Council.