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Kurt Tong: The Queen, The Chairman and I

The Queen, The Chairman and I

18 September to 27 October

Kurt Tong

The Queen, The Chairman and I is a fascinating journey into the entwined histories of China and the UK, traced through the family history of photographer Kurt Tong.

The Queen, The Chairman and I was made over four years across three continents. Described by Tong as a photographic ‘who do you think you are’, the artist uncovers family secrets in this story of love, hope and tragedy. He reveals the impact of the British Empire and Chinese Communism - embodied by Queen Victoria and Chairman Mao of the title - on the lives of individuals.

Drawing on Tong’s Chinese, Hong Kong and British connections, the exhibition combines new large-scale photographs, alongside old family photographs and rare colour film footage from the 1940s. Visit the artist’s Chinese teahouse to sample Chinese tea, read his book and share your own family stories.

Guided tours run every Saturday at 11am.

A Tea Ceremony will be performed every Friday at 12pm, 12.45pm and1.30pm.

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tea ceremony

images: Copyright Kurt Tong 2018, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Rugby Borough Council

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