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Rugby Archaeological Society

Rugby Archaeological Society

We have moved online!

We are delighted to announce that our Rugby Archaeological talks are back! You can now enjoy our talks online via Zoom.

Outline Programme of Talks

12th December 2020 Dr Simon Elliott - Septimius Severus in Britain

10:00 -11:30 via Zoom

Septimius Severus was one of the great warrior Emperors He hacked his way to power in AD 193 and fought off all challengers before embarking on successful wars of conquest in the east and Africa Yet Severus born in the blistering heat of a North African Spring to one of the richest families in the Empire, died in the freezing cold of a Yorkshire winter in February AD 211 in the wild west of the Roman Empire In this lecture Dr Simon Elliott, award winning and best selling historian and broadcaster, tells this story for the first time of one of the largest military campaigns to take place in Britain, when Severus led a force of 57 000 legionaries, auxiliaries, marines and sailors in two attempts to conquer the region of modern Scotland His talk is based on his book Septimius Severus in Scotland.

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9th January 2021 Barbara Birley Recent finds at Vindolanda

13th February 2021 Victoria Alnatt PAS in the West Midlands

13th March 2021 Amy Reynolds Needleworking through the ages (TBC)

10th April 2021 Hilary Calow Compton Murdak and all that archaeology at Compton VerneyNext meeting is 14th November 2020, 10:00 11:30 via Zoom

The link to the Zoom meeting has been sent by email to those already registered with RAS. If you are not on the RAS register and would like to attend this meeting, please email RAS Secretary Dr Irene Glendinning on

With thanks to Coventry University for granting us permission to use their Zoom license