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False Memory

Kasia Tatys

False Memory

In Search of Lost Time and Space: Childhood Drawing No. 2, 2019, Charcoal and chalk on paper, © Courtesy the Artist

Tatys’ work investigates time and memory as multi-dimensional, working with the process of creation and erasure, aimed at encapsulating personal memories as lived, living and potential spaces. Tatys’ large scale surfaces invite a full body engagement and interrogates the fragility and ephemerality of creating art using charcoal. This drawing, alongside its time-consuming process, explores a time and place that she used to call home and is now a distant memory since moving to the UK 13 years ago. Her intention is to consider how pieces of information merge and distort to form personalised narratives through an intimate reconstruction of her childhood home. The act of constant memory repetition causes a past reality to become myth, which then becomes our reality once more as we expose it to internal and external influences. We identify the myth as false memory; a memory that overtime has the capacity to become a powerful source of comfort and a nostalgic longing for the past within the context of immigration and displacement.

Tatys has recently graduated with a Fine Art Degree from Lancaster University and has exhibited her work within cultural and community settings across Lancashire. She currently lives and works in Lancaster.