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Deep Sea Divers

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Deep Sea Divers is a musical project of Dinesh Fernando. The original Deep Sea Divers was an alternative rock band formed in the early 90s. People often told me we sounded a bit like Smashing Pumpkins, which was news to me because I had never heard of them at the time!

We played live a lot often in London venues like the Rock Garden and Mean Fiddler and had a bit of A&R interest but no record deal. After a couple of years I took a break due to work and family commitments but the songs I wrote never left me and I always felt I would go back to them. I have since been in covers band and another original band, Powderblue.

I have now finished an album, The Greatest Gift, which is dedicated to my close friend and original Deep Sea Divers drummer Mark Ernest who died from hidden health issues. I enlisted the help of very talented Rugby based musicians and pieced the whole thing together on my PC. We will be playing songs from the new album at Rugby Live.