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Rowland Skylark

Rugby Live

I started out my interest in music as a young teen at school and forming a band with friends. Back in those days it was mostly indie and rock that captured my interest, and as time went on I found a love and appreciation for acoustic folk roots/Americana music , Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and bands like U2, The Waterboys and others would blend various traditional influences into their sound.

I have written my own songs from a young age drawn mainly from life experience struggles touching on deep beliefs, love and humanitarian, sometimes even political issues. I live locally in Rugby although I grew up in Gloucestershire, I have played in Rugby, Coventry and local village pubs etc, I had taken a few years out from playing gigs for other commitments. I had just begun making some reconnections before we were locked down. However, like many musicians I have found the internet stage a great way to connect. Rowland Skylark came about as a stage name for me as my middle name is Rowland after my Grandfather and the Skylarks sing at night and also in flight.

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