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Handball Alley

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Handball Alley is singer-songwriter James Grady and producer-musician John Glanville.

The Debut album ‘The Moon’s Not Real’ is out on Good Friday, 10th April 2020.

It'd be great if you can listen to this all the way through in one big go. It is a take-the-dog-for-a-walk-and-put-the-earphones-in sort of album. It moves through different sounds and ideas and is meant to take you on a journey if you listen all the way through.

Some of the lyrics might be about Irish mythology, black helicopters, chemtrails, Korean airlines flight 007, deepwater horizon, princess Dianna, freemasonry, the flat earth theory, alcohol, money, and breakups. Mostly breakups though. It's 90% acoustic guitar sad boy music, to be honest.

We hope it leaves you uplifted, and that it can be a friend to whoever listens to it.

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