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The Rugby Collection

John Minton


John Minton, Corsican Landscape, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Rugby Borough Council, © Royal College of Art

John Minton (1917), was an English painter, illustrator, stage designer, teacher, bohemian figure and a leading gay artist in London during the 1940’s and 50’s. He did not keep his sexuality secret and had to fight the stigma in a time prior to the decriminalisation of male homosexuality (1967). His death came 10 years prior to this step in the right direction for acceptance and equality.

Minton extensively travelled Europe and the Caribbean, studied in France and was in charge of drawing and illustration at the Central School of Art and Design during the time ‘Corsican Landscape’ was painted. Using the bold colour pallete he had been inspired by, from surrounding cultures he was experiencing at the time, Minton produced many impeccable agricultural and rural scenes.