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False Memory

Grace A Williams

False Memory

Grace A Williams, The Prisoner, Courtesy of the Artist © The Artist

Taking inspiration from the cult 1960s TV show of the same title and the visual absurdity of its iconographic ‘rovers’ The Prisoner appropriates a documentary photograph taken during one of the infamous T.G Hamilton (1873- 1935) Séance sittings with the medium Elizabeth Poole. The work playfully highlights the farcicality of staging the mysterious by juxtaposing the ominous ‘balloon’ void rover with the startled impressions of participants witnessing a supposed demonstration of telekinesis. This work depicts the close relationship between photography and the unseen, provoking questions about bodily experience, memory, and desire in imagining the dead.

Grace A Williams is an independent artist and researcher based in London. Her work uses archival material to explore feminist power dynamics in the history of magic, mythology, and the occult. Grace holds a PhD from the Birmingham School of Art and currently works as part of the Research Forum at The Courtauld Institute of Art. 

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