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False Memory

Michael Amato

As a child, Amato was raised without access to cable television. His family actively rejected the influence of MTV and 24-Hour news reels. This somewhat non-traditional upbringing informs his interest in the contemporary consumption of media and the impact this has on our daily lives. Fear Culture, USA is a photo essay that examines the prevalence of the 24-hour cable news cycle in the life of the average American citizen. This series of photographs attempts to highlight how omnipresent the television and media are in the everyday public and private environments we inhabit. In these photographs, imagery from newscasts of past, recent, and current events are contrasted by personal interiors and relatable everyday settings.

His recent bodies of work have addressed the omnipresence of the television in public and private environments, a culture of fear in American society, and the normalization of a loss of privacy rights worldwide. Throughout 2020, Fear Culture, USA will be on exhibit across the UK as part of the Royal Photographic Society’s 162nd International Photography Exhibition. Amato lives and works in Connecticut, USA.

Michael Amato


Michael Amato, Irving Oil, February 2007 from the series Fear Culture, USA 2017, Courtesy of the Artist, © The Artist

Michael Amato, Grandma's TV room, October 2014 from the series Fear Culture, USA  2017,  Courtesy of the Artist, © The Artist

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Michael Amato, Georgies Diner, December 2011 from the series Fear Culture, USA 2017, Courtesy of the Artist © The  Artist