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False Memory

Clare Charnley and Patricia Azevedo

Brazilian artist Patricia Azevedo and UK based Clare Charnley make work together from opposite sides of the world. This takes place in a fictional space fabricated by simultaneous Skype video recordings. In News Stories, each artist holds up that day’s newspaper for the other. We see parallel processions of images brought together from two distant sources. Taking place in the present, it soon turns into the past and is then forgotten. The dislocation of a non-time and a non-place. Filmed on a web cam, the photos become soft and colours lose their intensity, as if the images have aged instantly or are recollected as a memory. An unscripted dialogue takes place between the two halves of the screen. Short-lived connections occur in the video’s erratic flow, as pairs of images form new unrelated combinations occur.

Patricia Azevedo and Clare Charnley, News Stories, 2013, single channel video, Courtesy of the Artists, © The Artists

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