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False Memory

Pauline Le Pichon

False Memory

Pauline Le Pichon, Nuits Banches #3, 2019, Digital photograph, Courtesy of the Artist, © The Artist

It is night-time. Tired but awake. Sweaty hands and increasing heat. Projections that are rarely rational, sometimes happy but more often suffocating. This ongoing series deals with the involuntary creation of stories based on reality and trigger the imagination somewhere between sleep and consciousness. Le Pichon describes her brain as a bank of images; material to exploit or support her own imagined experience. The triptych format creates a story with a beginning and a middle but, like Le Pichon’s nocturnal thoughts, reach a certain climax without resolution. This triptych is based on a friend’s experience of an abusive neighbour and, although created from an experience of a third party, the artist appropriates the memory, kept awake by a fear which became imbedded as one of her own memories. This scenario appears familiar as she invites the viewer to interpret and appropriate the image through their own personal experience.

Pauline Le Pichon studied at École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Valenciennes, France. She has exhibited internationally and held an Artist residency at Glyndebourne Opera and Newhaven Community Centre in 2016. Le Pichon lives and works in France.

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