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False Memory

Lindsay Seers

false memory

Lindsay Seers, Extramission 2 (The Trilogy), 2005-2020, 3 film works housed within a fabric structure, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Purchased with support from the V&A MLA Purchase Grant Fund and the Contemporary Art Society. © Lindsay Seers

Inspired by how photography and film induce and reshape memory, Extramission 2 (The Trilogy) investigates the loss of a memory that the artist could not personally retrieve, of a house she lived in Mauritius. Seemingly autobiographical, it tells the story of Seers’ upbringing on the island of Mauritius and addresses the artist’s early speechlessness; development of a photographic memory and eventual loss of this ability when she began to talk. Travelling to the country with her mother, Seers set about trying to find the house but, in the end her mother could not recall it either.

For Seers, this artwork was never intended as a question of what is true or false. Instead she describes the film as ‘its own truth’, made through real actions and reconstructions of events that all existed in some form. Seers does not accept the binary idea of fact and fiction, she believes they are always embedded in each other; nothing is entirely factual, nor entirely fictional.

The conversations Seers’ has had over the last 10 years, has led her to believe that the act of extramission, is potentially an accurate description of perception. Pictured in early Egyptian drawings, extramission describes the then popular belief that vision occurs when light is emitted from the eyes. For Seers, extramission accounts for the fact that we imagine our reality as much as we perceive it; that we see what we believe and not necessarily what is there. It is a state in which we map our internal perceptions onto the world, often as a means of reaffirming our world view.

We would like to congratulate Lindsay Seers for a great looking exhibition at Sharjah Art Museum, UAE. Working with similar themes to Extramission 2 (The Trilogy) currently on display at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent: Nowhere Less Now³ [flying saucer] is an episodic work that addresses the dark legacy of British colonialism and Lindsay Seers’ journey through history in search of (the) truth.

False Memory

Installation photograph of Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent Nowhere Less Now3 [Flying Saucer],2020 at Sharjah Art Foundation

c/o Sharjah Art Museum, UAE. © Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent


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