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Embedded in the Flesh of the World 1

Embedded in the Flesh of the World

Price: £3,400

Medium used: Acrylic, recycled velvet, mirror glass & swarf on linen in aged iron effect wood floater frame; w125 x h 206 cm

About the work: Layers of paint/materials, each mixed directly onto the surface - flowing and making gestures, marks, punctuations when remembering encounters with the world - being outside with the wind howling around me, debris/leaves swirling; running across different terrain, sometimes falling, slipping being sucked into the mud; hiding in the grass, swimming in oceans, lochs, rivers; touching, feeling, sensing, almost belonging - using paint and velvet and glass and swarf and plastic shiny things, things that have been used, that come from the world naturally or manufactured.

Listen to the Earth Speak

Listen to the Earth Speak 

Price: £1,475

Medium used: Acrylic, oil, gilding wax and gold leaf on canvas in white floater frame; w 126 x h 126 x d 5 cm

About the work: Thinking about the earth, the speed of change slow in the history of the planet and yet quickly in the history of humans and the planet. Humans have different cultural and individual values about this earth, how we interact with it and our impact upon it. I was thinking of tessellations, of gushing water, of folding time – space collapsing and compressing; expanding and extending, of the mythologies to explain geological processes. The pulse and rhythm of the earth being disrupted and the refrain inside my head.


Njem Anyii / Our Journeys

Price: £2,000

Medium used: Acrylic, moulding paste, oil marker, glue, recycled velvet & yarn on canvas; w 120 x h 150 x d 4.5 cm

About the work: Njem Anyi = Our Journeys. Journeys through life, paths taken or before us; intersections, choices and opportunities. Cultural connections with land, with peoples, with life and energetic vibrations.
I feel the ground under my feet, and I know that I’m alive
I feel the wind through my lungs, and I know that I’m alive
I feel the rivulets of sweat on my body and I know that I’m alive
I feel, I Feel, I FEEL.

About the Artist

Ije (eejay): A Scottish/Nigerian artist-healer. My practice draws on a lifetime of moving across the UK and beyond exploring landscapes, from mining and farming communities to industrial towns and cities, to wild spaces of mountains and coastlines. My painting, photography, installation and writing are products of immersive experiences, connecting audiences with the transformative properties of expansive natural spaces. Textured paintings with inclusions of manufactured materials are often described as bold and energetic, reflecting the feelings, political resonance, and sensuousness of my encounters. My photographs/videos initially act as immediate note taking, capturing glimpses of the times and spaces that I occupy in the world.


IJE- Freelance Artist