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Ditherella’s Workshop (Jenny Ball)

Flamboyant Hat Pin

Flamboyant hat pin with feather

Flamboyant hat pin

Medium used: Sterling silver

About the work: I usually make small pieces of jewellery, so this was a departure.  It is made from just under a metre of 1mm square profile sterling silver wire, and about 18cm of 1.3mm sterling silver round wire.  There are no solder joins, just two continuous pieces of wire, formed and twisted.

About the Artist

Jenny got her first jeweller’s saw in her teens and has been making jewellery, and dabbling in lots of other creative things, on and off ever since.  Her pieces are usually small and often use natural objects, like an acorn or seed head, which she has found and had cast in silver.

Website:   Instagram: @ditherellasworkshop