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What Do I Need to Do to Make It OK?

16 September - 4 November 2017

touring exhibition

A touring exhibition, curated by Liz Cooper includes specially commissioned work from five international artists. Using stitch and other media the work explores damage and repair, disease and medicine, healing and restoration, to landscapes, bodies, minds and objects. Artists include, Dorothy Caldwell, Freddie Robins, Celia Pym, Karina Thompson and SaidhbhĂ­n Gibson.

This exhibition provides the last instalment in our programme exploring health and wellbeing and the impact cultural activities have on positive wellbeing and personal resilience. Our #ragmwellbeing exhibition explores these themes with two new commissions and a showcase of our work outside the Art Gallery and Museum.

Karina Thompson has led workshops with Age UK to develop a new collaborative piece. Rugby College students will exhibit artwork inspired by the themes of mending and repairing.

open day 23 sept

MixTape Lyric Lines 2017

Mixtape Lyric Lines is an installation that crosses the water and joins Michaela and her sister living in the Netherlands.  The cords of the piece map their memories and the distance between them.  Songs that marked their growing up together act as memory buttons reminding them of shared experiences.

Saturday 23 September, 1-2pm

Tell us your own MixTape Lyric lines.  Join artist Michaela McMillan to contribute to a wellbeing commission in a drop-in activity inspired by our exhibitions #MakeItOk and 'Music in Rugby'. 

Saturday 4 November 1-3pm - Did We Make it OK for Ourselves?

Join Liz Cooper, Freddie Robins and others at this event to mark the end of the exhibition tour, a chance to both celebrate and reflect on the project.


Image Credits

Saidhbhin Gibson Comfort & Joy II, photo Simon Williams

Dorothy Calwell Traces 2016 detail, photo Simon Williams

Freddie Robins installing Someone Else's Dream, photo Douglas Atfield