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Rugby Open 20 Video Submissions

Rugby Open Video Submissions 2020

Simon Ainsely

FEAR Itself 2020

FEAR Itself is an experimental film with original music composed using voice and widely available audio samples and surreal imagery from Instagram. The film is a response to the pandemic; the not-knowing, the fear of not knowing, the spreading of further fears based on not knowing that generate yet more fear and damage judgement ... when all we want to do is dance.
Based on the words in Franklin D Roosevelt’s 1933 inaugural address; “We have nothing to fear except fear itself”.
Not for Sale


Rhythms of Passage: Sound Escapes 1 2020

This video combines still and moving image with spoken word, capturing my encounters within the landscape across Scotland, Wales and England. This video explores how I encounter the world around me when out in the landscape. Some of the spoken word is captured freeform, performed outside as I am attuned to my surrounding, others are readings inspired by my adventures.
I am a writer, poet, explorer, painter, photographer, creator, and healer. I graduated with a master’s degree in Fine Art from Birmingham City University in 2016.
Not for sale

Thomas Jack Brown

Fissure,  2020, Digital Film

Fissure’ is a conceptual piece that explores the reconstructive nature of memory through the use of the triptych arrangement
of archive film, the arrangement of a L/C/R audio configuration and how those devices affect the viewers ability to construct
narrative between the images and sounds contained within the three portions of the triptych . ‘Fissure’ was influenced by the images contained within the purchased archive footage of a visit to Iceland during 1972 and the Silfra fissure that
runs throughout the country’s environment.

Thomas Jack Brown is a video and installation artist and media freelance producer. His current practice
focuses on the reconstructive nature of memory through the use of hand-crafted archive or self-shot
Super8 film to change the captured images on the negatives.
Not for sale