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Let's make SOCIAL History

Let's Make Social History - Our Town in Lockdown

Project closing on 30th September

Few of us has ever lived in a time like this. Our lives, families and community have been turned upside down by the coronavirus outbreak.

Imagine explaining it to someone in 20 years’ time – they’d never believe you. Just how much change there has been, how it made us all feel, how much of our lives shifted to social media whilst others worked to protect us.

This really has been history in the making. That’s why we asked you to capture this extraordinary time for future generations to look back on.

We will be closing this project on the 30th September and so we would now really like you to share with us your stories, key objects and photos/video you have collected that reflects your experience during this time in Rugby.

Below are some suggestions of what we are looking for:

All content should be from Rugby Borough residents or linked to Rugby Borough.

  • Publicity Material
  • Photos of empty shelves in the local supermarkets
  • Photos showing possibly empty streets, shop closures.
  • Rainbows in house windows
  • Any signage relating to the lockdowns
  • Health and safety poster about washing your hands
  • Posters on Social distancing
  • Photos of social distancing
  • People’s stories – diaries, verbal (download our Diary for Kids)
  • Families not being able to be together – screen shots, photos, videos, audio
  • Home schooling leaflets/notices
  • Photos of families doing home schooling
  • School notices / booklets about closures
  • Home working – photos of people’s workspaces at home where they’ve had to adapt their space because of this event.
  • NHS posters
  • NHS and key worker accounts of events -diaries, verbal
  • Face mask and gloves
  • Social Media – memes, twitter posts, etc,
  • Music
  • Shopping receipts
  • Newspaper clippings

Keep hold of what you have and when Rugby Art Gallery and Museum is allowed to open, you can drop any items off then.  We will then ask you to complete an Object Entry Form and confirm that you are happy with the Conditions of Deposit. An Object Entry Form is an identification record that all objects have when they are offered to the museum.

Anything digital please email to us so we can send an you an object entry form to complete.  If you have large digital files to share or donate please contact us before sending them.


We are collecting for the future but we can also share now. If you would like your thoughts/images/art projects shared on social media please read our Conditions of Deposit and please email using the link below which acts as an Object Entry Form.


We are still clarifying the structure of this exciting project so please bear with us if there are slight amendments and additions while we fine tune the details.

Jamie Gray - My Town in Lockdown

We have partnered up with Jamie Gray, local photographer with UK Press accreditation and long-term friend of Rugby Art Gallery and Museum to share some key local stories.  Jamie documents our exhibitions and events so it makes sense to work with him now to document Rugby in lockdown.  

Jamie has been working on multiple mini projects around the subject of ‘My Town in Lockdown’ including some stunning doorstep portraits. “I have been connecting with the communities of Rugby, mainly in the Town Centre but also individuals in many areas of the borough. I am trying to build a picture of the lives lived through the pandemic. These portraits of residents are an important part of the town’s social history. I want to build on it and reach more communities in the borough; to tell their story about how a global pandemic impacted our town."

We are sharing some of the images here and you can see more in his self-published Zine available now

Our Town in Lockdown

We are still looking for interesting individual stories that paint a picture for future generations. Help us by filling in this form and telling us about peo ple in your community. Who is finding new ways of working and supporting each other? Who are our local heroes?  Please tell us about it here

VE Day Celebrations - Lisa Scott

Lots of people shared how they celebrated the 75th anniversary of VE day including local photographer Lisa Scott.  The Coronavirus pandemic really is history in the making and we ask that you continue to capture this extraordinary time for future generations to look back on. Please see our list of objects and content we are looking for below.


My History Diary

Encourage children you know to use our 'My History Diary' to reflect on this time. Either download the diary or use the headings to create your own