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Art for All

Activity #5 - Mindful Sound Drawings

Something a little different this week – we are creating abstract ‘sound’ drawings, it is a great way to relax and remove yourself from your immediate surroundings for a short while.

Watch the video to see an example of the type of drawing we are creating.

Create your own:

Find yourself a spot to listen from – away from background conversation. Make yourself comfy, with your pad of paper and favourite pencils.

Take a pencil in each hand and allow a moment to tune into the sounds around you. Begin to make marks on the paper in response to the sounds you hear, use both hands. Enjoy the process of creating. Your drawing is complete when you come to a natural end point – you will know

art for all

Activity # 3 Make a flower card for Easter

Cut some flowers from scraps of paper – and stick these on the stem

Add some finishing touches to your card,

Happy Easter everyone!

What you'll need : Pre folded greetings card (if you are making your own, we used 15 x 15cm square) - Glue - Scissors - Paper Scraps cut into flower shapes - Paints & Brushes (We used watercolour but use any you have)

act acivity
art activity

Draw around a paper cut out vase template on the front of your card in pencil. Keep your template!

Paint your flower stems and leaves in the vase, don't worry about going over your vase outline

After the paint has dried stick your paper cut out vase template in place



Activity # 2     How to make a 3d paper star


Cut a long thin strip of paper (approx 2cm wide)

Tie a knot in one end (like the first part when you tie your shoelaces)

Fold the shorter edge downwards (if if goes longer than the knot cut of the excess)


Fold the long edge around the shape, let it go where it wants

Once you've done this, tuck the edge into the shape.  It should look like a pentagon.

To inflate the star, pinch in all the corners together one at a time using your index finger and thumb (Tip: use tweezers for small stars)


Admire your star!


Activity # 1   Make a drawing machine


Make your own drawing machines using old toys and any recycled materials you have lying around the house- great fun for big and small kids alike! The idea is to make a machine to hold your pencil - which you then use to draw your picture or create an abstract picture. Remember to hold the machine not the pencil!


· Pencil or Felt pen

· Old construction toys such as Lego or k-nex / recycled materials

· Elastic Band or Tape (something to fix machine together with)

· Paper /something to draw on