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Fool's Gold

25 January - 14 March 2020

fools gold

Artists Hayley Harrison and Pamela Schilderman

Through the transformation of waste and natural resources artists Pamela Schilderman and Hayley Harrison invite visitors to engage in conversations around the climate crisis and our use of materials. The artworks will form part of an illusionary world with a fairy tale appearance.

The exhibition is accompanied by workshops, talks, a commissioned article, an animation and a live installation. Pamela’s work is strongly influenced by science and nature and the way that humble everyday objects can be transformed into something spectacular and beautiful. Hayley focuses on taking the debris of consumerism or found organic materials and re-appropriates them into new structures, that highlight our relationship with nature.

Through this transformation of materials the artists want the viewer to consider humanity’s resources, their significance and impact on our world and encourage us to re-think what we choose to value.

Events and Workshops

Live art installation
1 February FREE
The artists will begin creating the art installation. Watch it grow throughout the exhibition.

Make Your Own Wind Turbine workshop
21 February, ages 4-11, 10am-1pm FREE
A half day science and art workshop led by artist Pamela Schilderman recycling plastic bottles and lids.

Tuesday Talk: In Conversation with……
3 March 6pm, tickets £6
Join Pamela and Hayley as they talk about their work and inspirations.  Book Now

Practical Action

We would like to thank Practical Action for supporting this exhibition with their schools materials on recycling and how we can all help contribute to combatting the climate change crisis.

Practical Action is an innovative international development organisation putting ingenious ideas to work so people in poverty can change their world and they are based in Rugby.

Find out more about Practical Action at

or visit them at 

Practical Action, The Robbins Building, 25 Albert Street, Rugby, CV21 2SD


fools gold