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Rugby Open 2018

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Online application is now open.  Application forms can be completed online however payment will be by phone, cheque or cash.



Applications can also be completed on paper


If you would like an application form posted to you or encounter any difficulties applying online please contact us by email or phone 01788 533201.  Please specify whether you would like an ADULT or YOUTH form.

The Rugby Open Exhibition will bring together a range of high quality contemporary art from emerging and established artists in the region. All works will be subject to selection by a panel of judges including art professionals. The resulting exhibition will show the diversity of current artistic practice in painting, print, textiles, sculpture and new media.

Artists whose work is selected for the Rugby Open 18 will have the opportunity of winning one of a series of artist prizes. These range from financial awards to an opportunity for an artist to hold a solo show in the Floor One Gallery. Additionally, all of the work in the Rugby Open 18 can be for sale, which means that the exhibition is an excellent opportunity to sell work to those wishing to invest in high quality art at affordable prices.

The Rugby Youth Open is open to any young person who lives, studies or works in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands and who is between the ages of 14-19.  Each young artist can submit up to two works at a cost of £3 per work.  There are separate prizes for the 14-19 category.

Exhibition Dates

17 November 2018 to 12 January 2019

Entry - submission of application forms

Each artist from Rugby and adjoining counties (Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands) can submit up to three works. Entries will be accepted in the form of painting, sculpture, drawings, original prints, photographs, film and craftwork. We cannot accept installations or performances. Reproductions of drawings and paintings cannot be classed as prints and are, therefore, ineligible for entry. All work must remain in the gallery until the end of the exhibition. No works can be submitted that have been exhibited at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum before and works should have been created in the last year. Application forms must be submitted by 5th November 2018.

Entry Fee

An entry fee of £6 per work submitted (£15 for three works submitted by the same artist) is payable following submission of the application form. This fee is to cover exhibition administration and is non-refundable. Payment can be made by phone 01788 533217, by cheque made payable to Rugby Borough Council or in person at the Visitor Centre (cash or card accepted).

Submission of art work

All submissions of art work must be delivered to:

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, second Floor

-Friday 9th November 2018, 10.30am - 4.00pm

-Saturday 10th November 2018, 10.30am - 4.00pm Submissions can only be accepted during the above times.

Selection Process

The selection panel will meet on Monday 12th November. The judging panel will be announced nearer to the time.

Collection of unselected entries

All unselected artists will be notified by email/phone on Tuesday 13th November

Unselected work must be collected from Rugby Art Gallery and Museum on

-Wednesday 14th November, 10.30am - 7.00pm

A charge will be made for any unselected works not collected during these times, as the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum does not have storage space.


Prizes will be awarded on Friday 7th December at our Festive event.

Overall Winner – supported by Rugby Borough Council, cash prize of £1000 and an exhibition in Floor One Gallery.

Highly Commended - To be announced

Commended – To be announced

RAGM People’s Choice Award - £100 for the most popular choice voted by the public.

£50 Framing voucher – supported by Picture Perfect

Exhibition Opportunity at Primrose Gallery, Northampton


Eligible Counties Northamptonshire Leicestershire Warwickshire West Midlands


Preview Evening

-Friday 7th December, 6 - 8pm All are welcome


Collection of unsold entries at close of exhibition

-Monday 14th January 2019, 10.30am - 4.00pm

A charge will be made for any uncollected works (see regulations)



If you have any questions or queries please contact the Art Gallery on 01788 533201 or


Regulations 2018

Please read the regulations and checklist carefully. Please retain the entry regulations for your own information.

Changes to Data Protection Act 2018 – Open 18

This privacy Notice tells you what to expect when Rugby Art Gallery and Museum collects your personal information. The information you provide will only be used to administer the Rugby Open18 exhibition. It will be kept in a secure environment and only accessed by staff on a “need to know” basis. It will not be shared with any other organisations or transferred outside of the European Union. It will be retained until the completion of the Rugby Open18 exhibition, when it will be securely destroyed.



  • All two-dimensional work can be submitted.
  • Three-dimensional work less than 50 kilos in weight and portable by two people can also be submitted.
  • No work may have a dimension exceeding 1.5 metres in any direction. Please measure work before delivering, as over-sized works will be turned away.
  • All paintings must be completely dry - any wet paintings will not be accepted.

Top of work

The top of work should be clearly labelled on the reverse.


One stick-on label must be put on each work giving artist’s name, title of work, medium and selling price with one tie on label on a length of string that will hang over the front of the work, with the same information. It is important that all labelling should match. Please cross-check all titles, prices, names, media etc. Rugby Art Gallery and Museum cannot undertake to correct any errors and therefore care must be taken when labelling. If work is priced incorrectly by the artist, it will be catalogued at the highest price.


Mirror Plates

For security reasons all two-dimensional work must be mirror plated on the vertical sides. Failure to comply will jeopardise entry of work. Mirror plates available from art, DIY and hardware shops.

   Do NOT use cord to hang your works



Works submitted for selection at the owner’s own risk. The works will be kept securely and handled with due professional care, but neither the Art Gallery, the Council or its employees accepts liability for loss or damage during the storage, selection periods and exhibition, unless loss or damage is caused by negligence of the Art Gallery, the Council or its employees. It is therefore the responsibility of entrants to arrange their own insurance for the period 9th November – 14th January 2019.


Display of work

Every effort is made to display all work selected, however, this is not always possible. Neither the selection nor placing of the work in the gallery is open to discussion.


Rugby Art Gallery and Museum will handle all artwork with care, however we cannot accept responsibility for any damage to the frame.  If you feel your work is of a particularly delicate nature please point this out to the staff when submitting your art work, and please provide suitable protection to the artwork if considered  necessary  e.g. corner protection. Any protection should not impede the view of the artwork.

NOTE: Please carefully consider the framing/presentation your work.  Art works have been rejected due to poor quality presentation.

Transport and collection

The entrant is responsible for delivery and collection, whether or not the entry is exhibited.

Please note that Rugby Art Gallery and Museum will not cover any costs associated with the transport of works, including the cost of shipping, import or postage.


We encourage all artists to submit works for sale to the exhibition. Artists will be advised of sales and payment to the artist will be made at the end of the exhibition, once payment has been received from all purchasers. Artists will be informed of orders for unframed prints and editions once payment is received by Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, and it is their responsibility to organise delivery to the purchasers. The price stated on the entry form and labels is the catalogue selling price, which cannot be altered and must include Rugby Art Gallery and Museum’s commission. Commission of 25% plus 20% VAT payable on commission will be deducted by Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. If you are registered for VAT, please indicate this on the entry form.


e.g.    Selling price                                                      £50.00

          minus Commission (25%)                                 £12.50  

          minus VAT on Commission (20%)                    £ 2.50

          Amount payable to Artist                                   £35.00


Charges for late collection of works

It is imperative that work is collected during the advertised collection periods. A storage charge of

£5 per work, per day, will be made for any works not collected on time, unless by prior agreement with the Senior Visual Arts Officer. The Gallery reserves the right to dispose of any work not collected by 31st January 2019.

Copyright and Publicity

Copyright remains with the artist; however, by signing the entry form, the artist agrees that his/her work can be used for promotional purposes including social media. The Gallery reserves the rights to photograph exhibits for education and publicity purposes.

Please read your regulations carefully and check that you have done the following:

  • Completed and signed your entry form and labels (labels to be mounted / printed on card)
  • Fixed mirror plates to 2D works
  • Cross-checked the information on the entry form with that on the labels
  • Included the number of editions for sale, where applicable
  • Indicated if you are VAT registered if applicable
  • Attached the labels to your work with approximately 25cm string
  • Indicated ‘top’ on abstract works
  • Ensured you are available on collection dates (for both unselected works and at the end of the exhibition)