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Donations enquiry form

Donations enquiry form (DOC)

Size: 211.5 KB

Schools Programme

All the activities for schools that we offer

Schools programme 2016 (PDF)

Size: 3.86 MB

About Face teacher's pack

Teachers pack accompanying About Face exhibition.

About Face teacher's pack (PDF)

Size: 8.39 MB

Good Times Evaluation

Good Times evaluation project

Roots to Rugby Teacher's Guide

Roots to Rugby Teacher's Guide (PDF)

Size: 697.14 KB

A Visual Story

A visual guide through RAGM

A visual tour of RAGM (PDF)

Size: 1.57 MB

My History Diary

Lockdown diary for children

World War Two Loans Box Booklet

Booklet of World War II information (key stage 1 and 2)

World War Two loans box booklet (PDF)

Size: 379.8 KB

Mini Curator pack

education pack key level 1/2

Mini Curator pack (PDF)

Size: 6.74 MB

Science Experiments

learning resource of science experiments for key stage 1/2

Science experiment activity pack (PDF)

Size: 3.36 MB

Archaeology Activity Pack

activity pack key stage 1/2

Archaeology activity pack (PDF)

Size: 1.64 MB

Art activity pack

Art pack key stage 1/2

Art activity pack (PDF)

Size: 3.61 MB

Roots to Rugby Activity pack

education pack keystage 2

Roots to Rugby learning pack (PDF)

Size: 697.14 KB