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Local Plan timetable revised 

Rugby Borough Council has outlined a revised timetable for adopting a new Local Plan after delays in receiving evidence from partners.

The Local Plan sets out how much housing and business accommodation should be provided over the next fifteen years, and which land should be allocated for development.

The plan also includes an infrastructure delivery plan which outlines the roads, schools, hospital improvements and other infrastructure that Warwickshire County Council, the NHS and other agencies consider are needed to support the developments. 

However, Warwickshire County Council has not yet provided all of the evidence needed to support their recommendations for transport improvements. Now that evidence is not expected until mid-March, meaning the next stage of the plan-making process will be delayed.

The revised timetable includes the following key dates:

  • 25 May: Councillors decide whether to submit the Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate
  • Mid-June: The draft Local Plan is submitted for public examination
  • February 2018: Target date to adopt the Rugby Local Plan.

This delay of around two months also allows the borough council to consider how the government's recent White Paper on housing might impact the plan, while giving officers additional time to take account of consultation feedback.

Cllr Heather Timms, Rugby Borough Council portfolio holder for growth and investment, said: "The Local Plan is a vital document for the borough, allowing us to protect land from unplanned speculative development.

It is imperative that we are able to adopt a new Local Plan as soon as possible, but we must also make sure that the plan includes everything that it needs and is supported by the evidence.

"While this delay is unwelcome, we will make the most of the additional time to consider emerging government policy and to strengthen the plan following the recent consultation."

More information on the local plan can be found at

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