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Industrial action

Industrial action between 26 April and 15 June 2022 is impacting bin collections, recycling and street cleaning.

Details of service changes

Statement: Oakfield Rec

The Heart of England Co-operative has given Rugby Borough Council notice to remove all of its equipment from Oakfield Rec by 22 June.

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The co-operative owns this site and has the legal right to do so. Today (21 June) is the last date that our contractors can start this work in order for us to be sure that we will meet the deadline.

The council recognises that Oakfield Rec is a community resource that should be available for residents to use and enjoy. Rugby Borough Council has repeatedly offered to buy the freehold of Oakfield Rec or enter into a new long-term lease, but the Heart of England Co-operative does not wish to explore either of these options.

We deeply regret that our contractors must now remove the council’s equipment and thank residents for their understanding as they complete this difficult task.

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