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Solar powered bins have big appetite for litter

HI-TECH solar powered bins which send an email request to be emptied have been installed in the town centre.

Rugby Borough Council has installed the Big Belly Solar Compactors, which can hold up to eight times more rubbish than a traditional street bin.

Each Big Belly bin has a solar panel which powers a compactor, capable of compacting up to 800 litres of litter.

Sensors monitor the amount of litter in the bin, triggering the compactor when required and sending an email and text message to the council when nearly full.

Cllr Lisa Parker, Rugby Borough Council portfolio holder for sustainable environment, said: "The Big Belly bins deliver big benefits to both the town centre and the council.

"The bins can help keep the town centre clean and green, while the technology inside the bin can save the council money.

"The compactor increases the capacity of the bin while the sensors mean we only have to empty the bins after receiving an email alert, allowing us to stop routine daily collections and target our resources more efficiently."

The Big Belly Solar Compactors form part of the council's £150,000 town centre investment programme announced earlier this year.

The programme includes the introduction of wireless internet access in September and revamps to street furniture and the 'Welcome to Rugby' signs.

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