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Rugby Community Safety Partnership

Road safety

What we do:

Roads are essential to our everyday lives. We all use them in some way, by driving, riding, walking or travelling as a passenger, and we depend on them to obtain goods and services.

Unfortunately, this comes at a price, which includes people being killed and seriously injured. However, road deaths and injuries are not inevitable and in response to local concerns we have three specific initiatives to try to reduce the frequent causes of accidents:-

  • Excessive speed
  • Unroadworthy vehicles
  • Careless cyclists
  • Community Speed Watch enables police trained residents to work within their communities to raise awareness of the dangers of speed and help to control the problem locally
  • Bikeability training gives children the confidence to cycle safely. It teaches essential skills and raises greater awareness of dangers on the road. Training is delivered by our Community Safety Wardens
  • Police partners use ANPR technology to target uninsured vehicles, and often they are not road worthy. We will also support national campaigns to reduce the use of mobile phones whilst driving, and, staff will deliver child seat belt safety checks.

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