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Pre-application planning advice

Request pre-application planning advice

We only offer pre-application advice on single option proposals.

If you need advice on multiple options for a site or development, you must submit separate requests for advice on each option, providing payment for each.

Case officers advise on the likelihood of your proposal, as submitted, being granted planning permission, highlighting the planning issues.

In order for case officers to issue meaningful advice, you must provide sufficient information about your proposal. If you fail to provide sufficient information, you'll be notified by your case officer.

Significant changes to your proposal's scale, layout or proposed uses can cause delays to target timescales and may incur an additional fee.

Case officers cannot provide additional advice or enter into further correspondence regarding a proposal once you have received the formal response to your request.

Further advice can only be given via an additional request, which incurs a further fee.

We give all pre-application advice in good faith, based on the information provided. However, we can only give advice without prejudicing a decision the council may take on a subsequent planning application. We cannot offer advice on feedback from local consultation or technical consultees who may be invited to comment on a subsequent planning application. Please note, many technical consultees offer pre-application advice.

We advise all applicants to discuss planning proposals with neighbours and/or other interested parties before submitting a planning application.

Make a request for pre-application planning advice

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