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Pre-application planning advice

  1. Pre-application planning advice
  2. Pre-application advice for major developments
  3. What you receive
  4. Fees

Pre-application advice for major developments

If your proposed development involves any one or more of the following :

  1. the provision of dwellinghouses where:
    • the number of dwellinghouses to be provided is 10 or more; or
    • the development is to be carried out on a site having an area of 0.5 hectares or more when unit numbers are not known
  2. the provision of a building or buildings where the floor space to be created by the development is 1000 square metres or more; or
  3. development carried out on a site having an area of 1 hectare or more;

we will charge for pre-application advice from 1 February 2020. Advice to householders and for minor applications will remain free of charge.

The major development pre-app advice service is for advice on single option proposals only. If you need advice on multiple options for the site or development you will need to submit separate pre-app requests with payment for each proposal.

Case officers will advise on how likely it is that your proposal, as submitted, would be granted planning permission and will highlight the planning issues.

It is important that you give us enough information about your proposal for us to be able to provide a meaningful response. We will tell you if the information is insufficient. Significant changes to the scale, layout or proposed uses could affect the achievement of target timescales and may incur an additional fee.

Case officers will not be able to enter into correspondence to provide additional advice or discuss further issues associated with the application once they have given the formal response. Any further advice should be dealt with via a subsequent pre-app which would incur a further fee.

What to include?

When submitting a pre-app request for a major development proposal please include:

  • your contact details (including telephone number and email address);
  • site address;
  • a site location plan (with site outlined in red) to a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500;
  • a written description of the existing use of the site;
  • written details of the proposal (description of works);
  • layout drawings showing unit numbers;
  • the correct fee.

The response you receive will be determined in part by the amount and quality of information you provide. You may also like to submit:

  • photographs/photomontages
  • draft design and access, planning or heritage statements
  • architectural drawings including elevations to a scale of 1:50 or 1:100
  • site survey, including ecological and tree surveys
  • contextual plans showing how the proposal relates to its surroundings.

What happens after I submit my pre-application request?

Once we have received your request for pre-app advice for a major development we will contact you either by phone or by email to confirm:

  • that we have received your request
  • information about the fee
  • any additional information that we need
  • the name of the case officer who will be providing the advice and their contact details
  • the start date of the pre-app request.

The case officer will aim to contact you within ten working days of the start date and agree a date and time for a meeting. The target date for responding to a request will be 30 working days, although this cannot be guaranteed particularly for more complex schemes. Meetings will normally be held at the town hall.

Where a fee and a pre-app request has been submitted without all of the information that we need to advise you, and this is not received within 30 working days of the original submission, we may return the fee after deducting a £35 administration fee for dealing with an incomplete submission.

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