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Facing eviction or having problems with a landlord?

Advice on what to do when faced with eviction depends on the type of tenancy you have - the majority of tenants have an assured shorthold tenancy, but you can check your type of tenancy or licence on Shelter's website.

If you receive a notice of eviction from your landlord, contact our Community Advice and Support Team straight away.

Notice of Eviction

A landlord can issue a section 21 notice or a section 8 notice to end a private tenancy but must follow certain rules in order for for the notice to be valid. Invalid notices can be challenged in court.

A landlord does not need to give a reason to end your tenancy with a section 21 notice. With a section 8 notice, a landlord must have a legal reason to end your tenancy.

We may be able to negotiate with your landlord on your behalf in order to stop the eviction.

Illegal eviction and harrassment 

It's a criminal offence for a landlord to evict a tenant without following the correct legal procedure.

Illegal eviction can include:

  • forcing you to leave through threats or harrassment
  • physically throwing you out
  • stopping you from entering certain parts of your home
  • changing the locks while you're out

Harrassment can take the form of:

  • making threats in order to persuade you to leave
  • cutting off a service, such as water or electricity
  • preventing access to shared kitchens or bathrooms
  • entering a tenant's room without permission

Need more advice?

Shelter has a range of advice and information regarding your legal rights as a tenant. You can visit Shelter's website or call the helpline on 0808 800 4444.

Rugby Citizens Advice offers free, confidential and impartial advice on a wide range of issues, including your housing rights. For more information, visit the Rugby Citizens Advice website.

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