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Housing advice after being released from prison

While in prison, you should receive help from your resettlement officer to find accommodation on your release.

If you're concerned you'll be homeless on release from prison, contact our Community Advice and Support Team to make us aware of your release date.

For the council to be legally obliged to provide you with permanent accommodation on your release, we'll need to be satisfied you're eligible, homeless and in priority need.

When considering your circumstances, we'll take into account you have spent time in prison when assessing your vulnerability, even if you were released some time ago.

We'll also consider whether you:

  • have a mental illness
  • have a learning or physical disability
  • have been in care
  • have served with the armed forces
  • have suffered, or been threatened with, violence

Priority need for prisoners and ex-offenders

We may consider you in priority need for housing if you're vulnerable due to spending time in prison. 

When considering your homeless application, we'll look at:

  • the length of time you spent in prison
  • whether you're receiving support from the probation service, youth offending team, or drug and alcohol team
  • whether you have found a home and managed to keep it since leaving prison
  • your support networks, eg family, friends or probation officer
  • evidence of other vulnerabilities, eg mental health problems, drug or alcohol misuse, or history of being in care
  • other factors which might impact your ability to find a home for yourself

However, the fact you have spent time in prison does not automatically mean we'll consider you vulnerable and in priority need for accommodation.

Prisoners and ex-offenders treated as intentionally homeless

You may be considered to be intentionally homeless if you were evicted from your previous home due to criminal or anti-social behaviour, or due to rent arrears resulting from your time in prison.

If we decided you're intentionally homeless, we can only offer you limited support to find a home. If we decide you're intentionally homeless but in priority need, we may offer you temporary accommodation while you look for a home.

Other help on offer

  • Futures Unlocked supports ex-offenders in leading crime-free lives. The organisation has offices at 28 Regent Street, Rugby, CV21 2PS. You can call Futures Unlocked on (01788) 547015 or email
  • CGL - Change, Grow, Live - offers recovery-focused drug and alcohol services. CGL has offices at 35-37 Albert Street, Rugby, CV21 2SG. You can also call (01788) 353513 or email 

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