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Anti-social behaviour - council tenants

How to report a nuisance neighbour

Before we can take action, we need information about the problem.

You should keep a diary of anti-social incidents so we have accurate, detailed information to act on when trying to resolve your issue.

Download an anti-social behaviour incident diary (available in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF)

Your diary should record the following:

Date Time Location of anti-social behaviour What was the anti-social behaviour? Who were the perpetrators? Witnesses How did the anti-social behaviour make you feel?
What was the date of the incident? What time did the incident take place? The address or precise location of the incident. Detailed information about the incident. Names and/or addresses of those responsible. If you do not know the names, please give a detailed description (age, height, distinguishing features, clothing). Names and addresses of anyone else who witnessed the incident.  

Post your completed, signed and dated incident diary in an envelope marked 'confidential' to: Estate Management Team, Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall, Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR.

Please note - we'll always ask your permission before using details contained in an incident diary in legal proceedings.

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