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Apply to join the Common Housing Register

The Common Housing Register

Instead of different waiting lists, the council works with housing associations in Rugby to produce a Common Housing Register.

Eligible applicants only have to fill in one application form to be considered for housing by the council or a housing association operating in Rugby.

Who can join the Common Housing Register?

The council operates a waiting list system, with applicants at the top of the list offered vacant properties. A banding system determines the applicant's housing priority.

Applicants who refuse two suitable offers of accommodation will be removed from the register. Applicants who have been accepted as homeless will be moved into priority band three if one offer of suitable accommodation is refused.

The council defines 'suitable' in line with both its Housing Allocations Policy and parts 6 and 7 of the Housing Act 1996.

We're currently upgrading our online application service, so to apply to join the Common Housing Register, please download and complete the application form.

Download the housing waiting list application form (PDF and Microsoft Word versions available)

In order for your application to be registered, you must supply proof of your - and other household members' - identity, immigration status, income and savings, and current address.

Please provide your photo ID ( ie passport) and photo ID for any joint applicant. If you or a joint applicant do not hold a passport, please supply a passport size photo in addition to the documents you provide to confirm your identity. You can provide a photo card driving licence. However, this does not confirm your immigration status if you were born outside the UK.

If your housing application relates to one of the below, please provide evidence of your housing need:

  • medical grounds
  • unsatisfactory housing conditions
  • someone in your household is pregnant
  • serving or former member of the armed forces
  • providing or receiving care

Please return your completed waiting list application form in the PDF format provided (one complete document, not photographed or scanned separate pages). Photographs of documents submitted as evidence to support your application must be clear and legible (one photograph per document), and attached to your email.

The subject line of your application email should contain your full name. Send your application to:

If you cannot provide the necessary supporting documents or completed application form in the required formats, and you have no relative, support worker or trusted friend to help you, you can make an appointment to come to the Town Hall, where we can make copies and return the documents to you straight away.

The Town Hall opens from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

To book an appointment, call (01788) 533433.

Please note - all requested supporting information must be submitted within 28 days of making your application. If you need longer to submitt the requested documentation, you must let us know as soon as possible so we can make a decision on whether to extend the deadline for submission.

Failure to supply all requested information or agree an extended deadline for submission results in the cancellation of your application. Should you still wish to register on the waiting list, you'll need to submit a new application.

We work with the following housing associations:

  • Orbit Heart of England
  • Midland Heart
  • Mercian Housing
  • LHA ASRA Group

You can make a direct application to Clarion Housing and Sanctuary Housing to register for a housing association home in the Rugby area.

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