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Temporary event notices

The application process

You must serve the TEN at least ten working days' notice before your event.

Unless you submit an online application you must send us two copies of your TEN and also give copies of the notice to the police and our environmental protection team no later than ten working days before your event.

The TEN application pack contains contact details for both the police and environmental protection team.

You do not need to send copies of your notice to the police and environmental protection team if you submit an online application. We will do this for you.

If the police or environmental protection team have concerns about your TEN they must submit objections within three working days following the day the notice was received. Unless the concerns can be resolved a hearing will be held to consider the objections.

Usually, when no objections have been received, we will acknowledge and return a signed copy of your notice which must then be available for inspection during the event if required.

Late Temporary Event Notice applications

As well as the 'standard' TEN, which must be made ten working days before the first day of the event, there is also a 'late' TEN.

The 'late' TEN can be submitted between five and nine working days before the first day of the event.  

However, if objections are received the event will not be permitted to go ahead and there will not be any right of appeal against the decision.

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