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The Community Trigger

If you feel the council has failed to deal satisfactorily with your complaint about anti-social behaviour, you can use the Community Trigger.

The Community Trigger gives victims and communities the right to request a review of how reports of anti-social behaviour have been dealt with.

Anyone can activate the Community Triggers providing:

  • you have reported the same incident three or more times in the past six months, OR
  • a minimum of five people have reported the same incident in the past six months

How do I activate the Community Trigger?

You can activate the Community Trigger by filling in our online form or by emailing 

Request can also be submitted in writing to the council's anti-social behaviour officer at Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall, Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR.

Written requests must include full details of the incident, including the date, time, individuals involved and which agency the incident was reported to.

What happens next?

If your request does not meet the criteria to activate the Community Trigger, a case management group verifies the decision before you receive confirmation in writing.

If your request does meet the criteria, the lead agency involved in the incident conducts a review of the case. On completion, a case management group confirms the findings of the review before you receive details of the outcome and any agreed actions.

What if I'm not satisfied with the outcome?

If you're not happy with the outcome of a Community Trigger review, or a decision not to activate the Community Trigger, you can appeal by emailing  or by writing to: Customer and Partnerships Committee, Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall, Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR.

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