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Urban meadows

Urban meadow sites

A two metre desire line cut through the urban meadow at Boughton Road.
A two metre desire line cut through the urban meadow at Boughton Road.

We will introduce urban meadows of different sizes and styles at:

  • Apple Grove Open Space 
  • Avon Mill Recreation Ground (banks) 
  • Boughton Road (including Flood basin)
  • Eden Road
  • Cawston
  • Hillmorton Recreation Ground 
  • Yates Ave/Fosterd Road 
  • Burnside 
  • Rokeby Open Space 
  • Dunchurch Road/Kingsway 
  • The Heath, Dunchurch 
  • Newbold Recreation Ground 

We may add more sites during the year.

These areas will receive a main cut by mid-October, although depending on the results the areas might need a further cutting. Where meadow grassland is adjacent to paths, a 2m strip will be cut along the path length to keep the path easily accessible. We will also cut desire lines where informal walking routes have been established.

The grass will be cut either with a flail or rotary unit and the cuttings removed from the surface to allow seed set and germination. On larger areas cuttings could be baled and left on site, providing a habitat for invertebrates, amphibians and small mammals.

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