On Track


Football as a discipline can provide pupils with the correct tools to achieving goals in both their physical and mental wellbeing. It helps to create a focus and a sense of commitment which, when channelled correctly, can support the removal of academic learning barriers. Football has historically been one the most popular played sports amongst pupils, which tends to mean there can be many disagreements and disruptions during the game. Although we don't promote such behaviour during our sessions, we recognise that there is an element of this during participation. We combat this by having fully qualified FA coaches who also have either youth work or mentoring qualifications to deal with individuals or small groups who need to be targeted for such tendencies.

Using sport as a method to engage pupils continues to stack highly when delivered as part of a targeting tool. Participation allows pupils to focus both their minds and physical ability towards being more competent at which ever sport they choose to enjoy. Scientifically it has been proven that physical exertion supports mental ability in pupils and adults, therefore confirming the effectiveness of sport. The benefits will resonate within the school and pupils' academic achievements when delivered as part of a curriculum.

  • Service offered to Year 5 upwards during lunch breaks and to Year 4 upward during curriculum.
  • Delivered with support from a member of the school during lunch breaks.
  • Structured sports programmes will support long term improvements and behaviour within pupils.
  • Can be offered as an after school activity, during lunch break or during curriculum.
  • Delivered by FA qualified coaches.
  • Develops fitness, confidence and self-discipline.
  • Supports cohesion amongst pupils through positive participation.

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