On Track


Climbing as a discipline can provide pupils with the correct tools to achieve goals in both their physical and mental wellbeing. It helps to create a focus and a sense of commitment which, when channelled correctly, can support the removal of academic learning barriers. Climbing develops good concentration levels and improves communication skills. It works well with pupils who don't readily engage with some mainstream sports. The skills developed through climbing will support pupils through their educational journey, providing confidence/ self-esteem through physical development.

There are many personal goals to be achieved through climbing which range from overcoming fears, competency, trust as well as improved performance during the activity. Our climbing instructors have developed targets for pupils to work towards achieving during the course of the programme. This will include drop testing and belaying, which will encourage pupils to work harder to achieve their goals. After each session pupils will be encouraged to reflect on their achievements and openly talk about their experience. The benefits of this exercise will encourage positive interaction which will resonate within their academic development.

  • Develops fitness, confidence, trust and concentration.
  • Supports pupils who may not readily engage in conventional team games.
  • Provided for Year 5 upwards.
  • Service can be delivered to groups of up to 12 pupils.
  • Can be offered as a 1:1 mentoring service.
  • Service includes travel to Warwick University and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee centre in Rugby.
  • To be delivered as part of the curriculum.

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