On Track


Boxing as a discipline provides pupils with opportunities to achieve goals in both their physical and mental wellbeing. It helps to create a focus and a sense of commitment which, when channelled correctly, can support the
removal of academic learning barriers. Scientifically it has been proven that physical exertion supports mental ability in pupils and adults. Boxing can be used to target both pupils with physical disruptive tendency as well as those who need to develop their confidence and self-esteem.

The boxing programme can be tailored to pupils with little or no previous experience in a fun way which captures their attention. As pupils progress within the programme the ethos and commitment will ensure there are clear positive, tangible changes in both their ability and attitude. Confidence and self-esteem levels will become noticeable, which will be reflected in their academic achievements. The British Boxing Association has provided
trainers with accredited courses designed for pupils who would benefit from achievement through sport. Such courses can be delivered within school curriculum or as a breakfast/ after school club.

  • Develops fitness, confidence and self-discipline.
  • Provided for Year 4 and upwards.
  • Service can be delivered as part of the PE curriculum.
  • Pupil will benefit from learning boxing techniques and improvement of fitness.
  • Delivered by former WBF World Champion and quarter finalist in 1988 Seoul Olympics.
  • Can be delivered as a National Boxing Awards accredited course for pupils who are more physically gifted.
  • Service can be used as part of any before or after school programme.

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