Bluetooth | Bluetooth | Rugby Borough Council


Bluetooth is a radio broadcasting standard that is normally found in mobile phones. It is often used to connect headsets to phones, or to share content between mobile phones.

We use a Bluetooth broadcast device to send messages to phones that have Bluetooth enabled.

The device works by looking for mobile phones within range. Where a phone is detected through its Bluetooth signal, the device offers the phone a message. The user must accept the message in order to receive it. Messages are normally broadcast in the form of a picture (animated gif) and/or a calendar or contact file. These files are completely harmless and can easily be deleted.

Our device also broadcasts using wifi. Phones or computers that find the wifi hotspot are offered a similar message to the Bluetooth message: the hotspot does not allow access to the internet.

The council normally uses this device to publicise upcoming events or to broadcast community safety messages. The device is mobile and is deployed in locations across the borough.

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