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The council has a cabinet of five councillors who have their own areas and make most of the council’s decisions.

Other councillors may sit on scrutiny committees, which keep a check on the decisions and how they are made.

But this is just one part of our scrutiny work. Scrutiny committees can also:

  • play a part in developing council policy
  • review council services
  • make sure the council is acting efficiently and effectively
  • hold reviews of public bodies – not the council – especially for health and crime and disorder matters, and carry out work with partners during the reviews

The scrutiny committees often set up smaller task groups to hold reviews and then report back. Papers are available to view and anyone is welcome to attend the meetings (unless an item is exempt under certain reasons). Scrutiny works better if you get involved – why not suggest a topic for scrutiny, give evidence at a meeting or host a site visit?

Overview and Scrutiny Report 2016-2018

The council's scrutiny committees published a report detailing the committees' work since 2016 and identifying topics for further scrutiny moving forward.

Download the Overview and Scrutiny Report 2016-2018

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